Friday, August 10, 2007

Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

And I'm tempted to still hole up in my cool, breezy room watching Buffy. But alas, we have to go out into the world sometime and today is my day I've decided. No more avoiding. I will send mail today and buy a few groceries and maybe I'll have enough energy to actually read something. I tried last night with little success but today could be different. You never know.

I have two poems left to finish on Horoscope. They're near the end but not the last poem. I just finished the last poem. Serendipitous how it turned out. It feels like an ending to me. Like something that draws everything up. Not ties up loose ends or anything like that. But it feels like it will be whole, ending there. Like it makes sense. The form allows that I could keep writing Horoscope forever. It would never have to feel like an ending. But it does, somehow.

And just in time for all this life changing goodness!

I went to this thing called Live after 5 this week. Band, beer, food in a park downtown once a week. People stared a lot. And I got approached by this girl with fliers saying "Are you interested in cosmotology?" She had beamed in on me. And when I told her no her jaw dropped. " have such great hair!" It was kinda nice. The band was real hilbilly and we didn't stay long. We ended up at this Basque wine bar and some old men came in and you know that scene with the chicken farmers in naploean dynamite? Well, that's for real. That's basque. They really talk like that. It was incredible.

I think I'm going to a rodeo next week. It makes me wish I had brought my cowboy hat.

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