Monday, October 24, 2011

Fish & Chips Tour: The Sloop

Fish: It's been so long since I've gone. I have to say that, so far, of the sort of standard Fish & Chips recipe, this is my favorite so far. It was light and easy.

Batter: Again, traditional Fish & Chips. But definitely the best so far. Crispy and not too greasy. A fairly light batter. I have no doubt that this is fish from a bag, but I feel like I must still take into account the preparation, and the Sloop, in all of its divey glory, still did it better than plenty of other places.

: I was at the Sloop with a friend. He was certain that the fries were from a bag, but they seasoned them at the pub. I disagreed. That they were most certainly entirely delivered, and they just dumped them in the fryer. We asked our bartender/server, and he was on my side. And you know what? I didn't mind. They were pretty tasty. And asking for anything more at The Sloop, a sailing bar that prides itself on not being pretentious, well then you're asking too much.

Tartar: This was the most dill pickley tartar I think I've ever had. My companion said: "Oh! I might like it then."

and Slaw (if available): It was ok. Not overdressed. Not particularly stunning either.


The food at the Sloop is all under $8 or something. Priced ridiculously low. And even given that, I think this was one of my most enjoyable Fish & Chips experiences. The company was good, first of all, and we were watching awesome football. Ok. Maybe not totally awesome football because I watched the Seahawks lose. Again. But still, for the price, I'd totally get their F&C again, which I probably wouldn't say about most of the other places on the tour to-date. Sloop wasn't my favorite, but it was a plenty enjoyable experience for some basic, no nonsense, Fish & Chips.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fish & Chips Tour: Pies & Pints

Fish: Eh. I mean, it wasn't gross or uber-fishy or clearly old. But it wasn't exactly spectacular either.

Batter: Double eh with a touch of too greasy.

: I started going to P&P for their sweet potato fries, but let me tell you, their standard fries are kinda gross. Straight from a bag, potato mush in the center, and blah blah blah. What a waste.

Tartar: I tried it. I remember thinking that it wasn't terrible. But I don't remember finding it particularly memorable.

and Slaw (if available): I actually liked their slaw. It was alright. But maybe that was only in comparison to the rest of it.


I guess you could say that I found it altogether unmemorable. But oh well, it is all about the Pies & Pints at Pies & Pints. Their savory pies are soooo good.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fish & Chips: The Loft

I've been busy, but not forgetting my mission to find the Best Fish & Chips in Seattle. Not that long ago I met my friend at The Loft, in Ballard, to watch the BSU/Nevada game. I decided to try the Fish & Chips.

: When it came out, quickly, steaming, a bit glistening, looking crispy and light, I was pretty goddamned excited. I can't lie about that. I mean look at it. It looks glorious, right? Unfortunately, the fish just kind of disappeared inside the batter. It's not that it was bad, just that it wasn't great.

Batter: Like I said, it looks glorious. Unfortunately, it turned out not quite how it looks. Rather than light, heavy and greasy. Rather than crisp, soggy. And what's more, the batter was just kind of bland.

: Let me say one thing to start this off: Beer Batter. Whaaaa??? Yeah, that's right. They beer batter their french fries. And that was a damned fine idea. It offered the fries that little something extra, something subtle, a kick. I would totally go back for the fries.

Tartar: I remember saying, "Hm. Pickles." Which I kind of like in a tartar sauce. But I wouldn't say it was outstanding. I'm pretty sure it's like any other tartar you could get at the store. Maybe a high-end store-bought tartar sauce.

and Slaw (if available): I think I liked their slaw better than any  yet. It was light, not sopping, and let the cabbage flavor come through over its dressing. I say: Huzzah!

I have avoided going to The Loft since my first experience, when I walked in on Football Sunday and found HORDES of people. And not just people, those douchey frat boy types that I hate watching football with. In one instant, I thought I had the place figured out. However, coming back at brunch time, for college football, I thought my mind had been changed. (That was, until the WAZZU game started and brought in the exact kind of riffraff I was trying to avoid).

My point being, I probably wouldn't come back for the Fish. I probably wouldn't come back for the ambiance. I might come back for the french fries and their somewhat killer happy hour.