Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I've been on the Best Books of 2011


Gina Myers listed Diary of When Being With Friends Feels Like Watching TV as one of her best books of 2011.

And Joshua Ware was lovely enough to list Laked, Fielded, Blanked by Brooklyn Copeland, just out from my very own alice blue books.

And then Nathan Logan listed Your Trouble is Ballooning as one of his best books of 2011, alongside A Minetta Gould's Arousing Notoriety and Brooklyn Copeland's Laked, Fielded, Blanked.

It's an honor and a privilege and a whole lotta flattery. Thank you all!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fish & Chips Tour: Pike Street Fish Fry

Since this F&C tour's inception, no other place has been recommended to me more frequently than the Pike Street Fish Fry. For that reason alone, I was excited. But I was blessed enough to have some quality company with me.

This gave me the opportunity to try the many and varied kinds of fried fish options available. We tried the cod, catfish, and salmon. They were out of the halibut (for which I've been told I needs must return) and I half wish we'd tried the oysters (because oysters are freaking awesome).

Let me just say this: Hands down the best Fish & Chips so far. And what's more? It wasn't the catfish, which was good but the fishy flavor overpowered the batter. It wasn't the salmon, because the post-battering, the whole experience was  just a bit rich. It was, to my surprise, the less adventurous cod. But the fish was fresh. The batter was fried to a perfect, goldeny crisp that left a slightly oily residue on your fingers, even as it burned a little (fresh from the fryer). The batter was also lightly seasoned. Something so simple, and yet it made for absolute deliciousness--that slight touch of salt.

Their fries are also hand cut and fried. Real, mother bleeping french fries. Just as hot and fresh as the fish.

And what's more! You have a bunch of sauces to choose from. We got the lemon aioli, traditional tartar, and curry ketchep. I must say that the plain ol tartar was my favorite, chalk full of fresh dill and thus, bright tasting. But the lemon aioli was certainly a close second, I think made with lemon zest.

What I will say I was sad about: the fish wasn't served with a lemon.

It seems kinda gripey, I know, but I'm much more likely to eat my fish with just a touch of fresh lemon than, say, vinegar.

Still, if that's the biggest complaint... I don't know... I just didn't have many complaints.

And who knows, maybe the halibut is better. I know I'll be back.

From what I've heard, pretty much the only places I really, really need to check out are Sunfish in West Seattle, the Red Mill Totem House in Ballard (who kept the original Totem House fish & chips on lock), and I think Anthony's Home Port & Ray's Boathouse.

Not a big list. But one I look forward to immensely.

ps, (I have one from Old Town Alehouse to post too. It was up there on my favorite overall experience...that is until I had Pike Street)

pps, I'm ditching the old format. It's easier for me to write about food without those kinds of restrictions.