Saturday, August 4, 2007

I like to ride my bicycle I like to ride my biiiike.

Today I set out, for the first time, to BSU. It was smaller than I expected but the ride to campus is easy because it's pretty much downhill. Downhill is good. And what makes it better? The ride up isn't too bad either because the hill is very slow and menadingering in its incline. There's a nice bike trail too, that leads from very near my place directly to campus so I have to deal with very little traffic.

But Boise, I've come to discover, is quite beautiful. It's different than Seattle, certainly. But you can see the hills in the distance and the sky is blue. It's like living in a nice little bowl.

I do feel a bit out of place. It's only been 3 days, I know. But it is strange feeling.

I ended up staying up till 4am to finish harry potter. It was good, but the final chapter, I thought, let me down a bit. I think the book would have been fine without it, and even better with a different final chapter, but in the end I'm glad I read the whole thing. I resisted for a while. But in the end, it caught me. Anything that culturally relevant had to be experienced by me.

I also live right next to a theater (I mean literally, I can see it out of my window right now). It costs $2 so it has movies that have been out of the theater a bit. When Live Free or Die Hard comes along I will watch it there.

I also saw Factory Girl today (as you can see I'm avoiding the heat for the most part...). I hated Guy Pierce as Andy Warhol. He made me want to stick my finger down my throat and vomit. And I didn't much care for Edie Sedgewick either. I felt very little pity and I think I was supposed to pity her. And still I feel like I enjoyed the movie. Maybe it was Jimmy Fallon that really did it for me. But really I think it was Hayden Christensen playing "musician" that seemed so clearly like Bob Dylan that I don't know why they didn't just say so. In fact, all the performances were kind of horrible but maybe it was just that the people they were playing were horrible. But these affected accents and mannerisms made me want to punch them all in the face.

Maybe that's the heat talking.

I'm in Boise. It's hot. They have ice cream trucks.

I don't know.


will said...

we're watching confessions of a dangerous mind. it is almost good if it wasn't a george cloony 'my friends make me famous & shit fest'.

i got my replacement mountain bike & i rode it & it was good. it has genesis technology & disk breaks which are very reactive & good.

i miss the gong show.

i wrote a poem today by messing w/ a kenneth koch poem which is not really writing.

we drank wine from trader joes. it's good.

here is the poem:


you're an orange or
finches sell wing-nuts
that sacrifice
iron unused for minutes
because the ironer abandoned
hope beside a jeep
through which he sawed her hope strategizing
salad-days & the lost peach-
pit in her hammock for this we lie one
thousand times
& leave & leave because we can't & we aren't
elevators or we leave you as a
chaplain samples letters we're shallower than shotguns
in the shed when you're nice a shed that grows from
little orange grasses so pulpy deep & unfamiliar
always to be navigated even in my shed
when we're something which smarts & also we forget you
're a city which arrests
things where again we shallow you
we leave you as flashlights leave prison
when prisons sail
from scottsdale to portland & we leave you
best tomorrow when even before we leave we leave &
you question the leaving having left gone

the line breaks are probably all fucked up.

i started w/ koch's 'thank you' which is a very good poem.

Amber said...

confessions of a dangerous mind was almost good, i'd agree. i like sam rockwell. i find him endearing. though i think this was more of a drew barrymore situation than a george clooney situation. i think. i didn't look it up but that's how i remember it.

congrats on the new bike.

i also wrote today. first day in weeks. so distracted with the moving. i don't think i should be aloud to write when i'm sad.

i think i would never write if i wasn't aloud to write when i was sad.

will said...

i rode my bike to winkler park where i watched airplanes at the airport take off across the columbia river. there was a little beach and it was very quiet.

but my butt hurts. the bike seat is uncomfortable. i bought a gel cover so my butt will be more comfortable.

Connor Moran said...

It's so awesome to read your responses to my dear old home town. One place downtown that I've come to love since becoming 21 is the bar "Red Room." It's downtown somewhere, I don't remember exactly where. It's almost literally a hole in the wall. The tables and chairs look like something from a greasy spoon restaurant in somewhere out in the country, and they serve drinks in plastic cups that look like they belong in the same kind of place. AND! they have a NES hooked up to a TV. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's smoky--but that's Idaho bars for you.

There's probably other stuff I recommend too, but I forget.

What movie theater are you across from? The Country Club Reel? We saw sooo many midnight movies there.

Yeah, I kinda love Boise.

MadisonGlass said...

I miss you. Fuck.

Amber said...

I miss all of you too. You should come visit soon. should come visit too and give me the exclusive Connor tour of Boise. All the crazy things you can think of. The movie theater I live by, I don't know what it's called, but it's on Overland up on the Bench.

Connor Moran said...

It's either the Country Club Reel or what we fondly referred to as the Mormon Cinemas. Both featured prominently in my young'nhood. I'm guessing it's the Reel, though. The Mormon Cinemas is also up on Overland, up closer to the big megaplex (although it was there long before). It's run by this giant Mormon family, the Lehosits. One of the clan was our asshole 9th grade math teacher, so sometimes we'd see him there. But it's a pretty fun second-run movie theater, especially on their cheaper Tuesdays. I found that the noisy atmosphere adds to the experience--and it's just a couple of bucks.

Dobbs said...

I lived in Boise for a few years. It's nice walking in the foothills. The koffee klatsch is nice. The flying M coffeehouse was my favorite hangout. I hope it's still there. Also, the co-op is pretty decent.