Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coconut 11!

Coconut Eleven—featuring spicy new poems by Liz Waldner, Carla Harryman, Dorothea Lasky, Chris Pusateri, Peter Davis, Melissa Benham, Amber Nelson, Kismet Al-Hussaini, Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert, Anna Fulford, Marco Giovenale, Michael Sikkema, Sun Yung Shin, Maureen Thorson, Jordan Davis, Mara Vahratian, Philip Metres, Janet Holmes, Fritz Ward, Susan Scarlata, Jeni Olin, Jon Link, and Rebecca Hazelton—is now live on the web. Come dine with them! http://www.coconutpoetry.org

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanks Andrew, for praising the wonders of I.

Amber Nelson


A bell, a label, blameless as Abel, a rebel: same as a Norseman roams,Amber sneers as a rabble nears; as beers blear, as barrels release aleor remorse, Amber, a noble seer (less normal, more sane), blamesRomans, slams Nero--brambles as a mane, all robes, all manna, Amber resembles Moses' soror, bears a slab, babbles sermons, blesses morallabor or a meal on melons.

Amber seasons ballroom realms, seals men's amor; a rose, a bloom (anAnnabelle Lee on Lesbos, a reason males bemoan sore balls), Amberbores no nabob, nor lessens a boner--Amber's mammae are morsels borneon sable mares, Amber's ass smears a lemon aroma, Amber's nose easesalmas: Amber's mere arms are a moon's ransom.

Amber belabors no sameness, leans on no moron's manner, blares nosolemn lesson--nor snores one more salmon or morose barn: Amber'sannals are boas, balloons, sombreros, sensors, lenses; Amber sees messes, rambles on lobes or seams, smells a sober realness, leers atmanors--one morn, Nobel assessors name a name; all barbers, allsalesmen, all salons, all mobs assemble; all name Amber, all boom"Amen!"