Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vampire Diaries

In my netflix, yesterday, I received the film Thirst, a Korean vampire flick from director Chan-Wook Park-- the man who brought us the Vengeance Trilogy (see Oldboy, his most famous, but also Lady Vengeance & Sympathy for Mr. Revenge).

Oldboy is probably the film most notorious for freaking me the fuck out. It was brilliant. Beautifully directed. Incredible performances. Poignant storyline. You know... the kind of film that actually makes you question certain values, or consider where they may be problematized.

So yesterday, I probably should have focused my energies on doing the dishes, or reading student poems, or even reading for my own classes... but I couldn't muster the mental energy after 8 hours in an office answering phones & writing emails. Especially since I had to leave in 2 hours for a blues dancing class. So, I decided to dig my heels in a freaky vampire world...

People who know me may know that I love movies, good or bad, & so watch a lot of them. But, honestly, it had been a while since I'd watched a movie that, from the first hint of song, delicate flutes over a black screen, the first frame of a white wall, its door, the shadow of a barren tree silhouetted, I knew was going to be stunning.

And the movie did not disappoint. The only downfall is the gross-out factor. I don't scare, but I "ew"-- and spewing bloody vomit over & over does leave it's mark. Perfect for the film, & I wish it wouldn't bug me as much as it does, alas...

When the movie was over I went to a blues dancing class. Think Dirty Dancing-- meaning hip to hip with strangers. Some people were fine, with others, less comfortable. Especially when 20 something boys, with a fine layer of sweat, emanating a sweet-rancid stench, start talking about how it's so hard to meet single ladies in Boise. Gag me. Just don't put your slimy mitts on my bra strap again.


In other news, I made a randy ginger fried rice last night. It was slammin'...

I've also read the following:

Gilian Conoley, PROFANE HALO
Travis Nichols, IOWA
Shannon Compton, FOR GIRLS & OTHERS


But I'm still, as yet, uncompelled to write anything.

But C. McCallister Williams' chap, WILLIAM SHATNER, is in progress. And it's going to be beautiful.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

And then there was the Real, Real

So break is officially over, and there is one day left in the first week of classes. This week has been fairly easy... for me. Though come Monday I anticipate a completely different energy to commence.

I'd like to say that my time in Boise has been productive, but it hasn't really. I haven't written a poem (barring some work on a tiny poem from paintings project... but does it really count when they are 3-5 lines, maybe 15 syllables all said and done?) in two months. Seriously.

And I only just last week started reading again. I guess that was sort of productive.

Books I've read include:

Sawaka Nakayasou, TEXTURE NOTES
Rene Char trans. Gustaf Sobin, THE BRITTLE AGE and RETURNING UPLAND
Heather Christle, THE DIFFICULT FARM

...and I'm currently reading:


What's been especially lovely about this new reading period is that I've actually enjoyed every single book. I'd recommend any and all. Though, I'm most in love with Doris at the moment. Maybe because I'm reading her at the moment. Or maybe because, somehow, she manages to make language playful & purposeful & it does something. It moves me, even when she's at her strangest.

Two favorite moments, which are not wildly strange, but are incredible:

"In loving what I can't touch, I die."


"Because so much of existence is correspondence, I
wonder is flight a form of correspondence?"


It's probably good I've managed to get some reading done before the semester seriously commences as, once it does, I imagine my "reading for me" time will come to a close. Hopefully I can get this last book finished before I have to give up the goods.

Because, along with school, I have SLOPE-- which is coming along. I have received some wonderful things. I continue to pester others to send work. Life continues to go on. The sun shines today, with promises of rain on the weather channels. Sushi tonight. And a free show. And then time on the sofa with a cat & a book.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow, I know...

So, I meant to post this way earlier, but, you know. Life etc.

alice blue has released their very first book: THE BLUE-COLLAR SUN by Lucas Farrell.

You can purchase them here: ALICE BLUE BOOKS. It's good. And I'm not just saying that because I published it.

Also, keep a look out for other new & exciting things from alice blue. Like our next issue, a special double-issue, in honor of it being our 10th.

Also, look for the corresponding alice blue blog, where us editors will take on reviewing the fine folk out there creating such marvellous, wonderful text.

Also, a real blog post forthcoming.