Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boxes labeled "made from recycled corrugated paper"

Moving the bookcase made me realize how dirty my carpet really is. Why do apartment complexes use white carpet? Idiots.

Things I still have to move: one skirt, two pairs of slacks, my tee shirts, pillows, blender, spices, chopsticks, frying pans & matching pots, makeup, flat iron, toothbrush, razor.

Things I wish I could take with me: boy & cat.

Things I'm not looking forward to upon moving: sleeping in my old bed. 3 Dogs barking. Being so far away from Seattle. Still having to work & having to get up even earlier to do it. Missing said boy & said cat.

Things I'm looking forward to upon moving: sleeping in my old bedroom. Playing with 3 dogs. Home Internet Access. Spending time with my mom. Getting rid of more things, and thereby purging myself of my past. Riding my bicycle to the train. Reading on the train. Sleeping on the train. Being able to see friends that live in my home town that I never get to see now. The knowledge that it is temporary. The knowledge that it is an intercolary chapter bringing me ever closer to Boise and therefore my future. The fact that I was able to use the term intercolary which only ever makes me think of the hateful Grapes of Wrath and in effect the teacher who told me I should go into business because I am organized and assertive.

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