Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dreams & other missives

I dreamed about moving to Boise. In my dream I was going to look at a house that had a room available. An interview to see how I would fit. When I arrived, one of the people that already lived there was my ex-roomie Vance. This is what we said to each other, "So...you moved to Boise, huh?" and later, "How've you been?" Somebody I didn't know slept on a bed in the living room. It was warm and sunny and he had folded laundry spread over the mattress and brushed it aside to crawl under the covers. The kitchen was clean and there were stone tiles.

I've been hearing from a lot of old friends lately. It's been nice. Mostly. The people are people I want to see again and that makes it good. When I go home, to Puyallup, to visit my parents, I always look furtively around public places to make sure I don't see anybody I know. So that I can duck and run if I do. So I don't have to have one more meaningless, mindless conversation about people we used to know and what they're doing now. Can't we all just wait for the high school reunion? Vote on the msot successful. Feel like we didn't quite succeed, that we're not good enough. Try to shed that last 5 pounds before we face our past. Make sure our teeth our whiter and our job shinier and our spouses some embodiment of perfection. The internet is wierd, especially with things like myspace and facebook, etc. You can always spy on your friends and demons. You never really have to lose touch.

It's good and bad. I've reconnected with mixed results. My best from from kindergarten who I hadn't talked to since the fourth grade is quite suddenly a close friend. It was like meeting my puerto korican twin. One old friend invited me to brunch but never showed, me sitting in some skeezy diner sipping a bloody mary by myself, football and pull-tabs in the background. Mixed results. Sometimes you really do want to lose touch.

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