Friday, June 1, 2007


I have to say, as far as methods of travel, riding the train to and from work to commute aint too bad. I thought it would be more quiet, more upscale than a bus, but no. Snobby professionals are just as noisy as drunks and crackheads, but they talk about how they don't "mind" small cars or how Paris was or where they got their suit instead. They talk loudly though. They want everybody to know how great they are. Kind of American Psycho style. What kind of business cards do you have?

And while most of the views weren't stunning, in fact often industrial, and at one point I got to see steam rising off of a dump pile, it was nice to look out the window. Sometimes there were trees and with the sun out they were lime colored and nearly transparent. It took an hour and when we got to Seattle bodies flushed out into the terminal and waited in lines 6 bodies deep to climb the stairs up into the city. And the walk, on a day like today, from the train to my work was nice. It made me want to walk all day and never go back to work. Next week will be different. Next week I'll ride my bike to the station, take it on the train, ride it to work and back. But that will be good too. I used to hate riding a bicycle. Now I look forward to it. I can hardly wait. My shiny blue Schwinn, vintage 1978.


MadisonGlass said...

Awesome. We really need to get some business cards. I know I've been puting it off for years but, I'll get to it soon.

amber said...

thank you. i liked our business cards before. you should make more like that.