Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things That Happen Internally When You Are Nearing Graduation

It's true. I have several months before I graduate. But, still. I'm strangely unmotivated to do work of any kind, be it classwork, or teaching, or my job.

I probably shouldn't say that but it's true. Right now, I can see in a not too blurry distance, a version of my future & it's very little involved with what is going on in my life right now.

The things I want to do, instead of anything involved with school, includes:

1) reading for pleasure
2) eating &/or cooking
3) going to see movies in the theater
4) watching movies at home
5) play board games with friends
6) dance!
7) make lists on blogger
8) ride my bike
9) or go to yoga
10)play with my cat frankie
11) write poems
12) travel (where are the funds!?!)
13) etc

And because I'm procrastination girl today: AMBER


ofelia hunt said...

That's a good list.

amber said...

I know, right?

Things I learned recently about cooking with my foray into the Black Bean & Corn soup.

1) Fresh cilantro should be added fresh for every meal, not dumped in at end of regular cooking session. If you plan to eat it later. And dislike soggy cilantro (as I do).

2) For cream-based soups (which my bean & corn soup was not, however, I did learn this recently), butter is better than cream. And let's face it, neither is very good for you. Perhaps put them in combination.