Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things You Realize When--

I just got back from the BAM (Boise Art Museum), where I sometimes take breaks from work. Sitting in a dim log cabin all day often leads to headaches or boredom, so I'll walk across the street & take in some art, & on days like this, sunshine.

But it got me thinking. It hasn't been all bad here, which I already knew but hadn't fully realized. I'm going to miss it, working across the street from the museum. Being able to take 20 minutes out of my work day to go to the museum.

It inspired me to start a list. Things I'm going to miss about Boise.

Entry#1: Working across the street from the art museum.

Entry#2: Blue skies & hard air. It's true, here & now I miss Seattle gray & rain, & that soft wet smell. But, I'm sure there will be days in Seattle when I miss Boise's blue skies.

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