Friday, April 27, 2007

response to o. hunt

Like everything else,
even literature,
that is necessary
as painting.
It's like being a child again,
who learns nothing
except war
or something.
Just another tv show.
We're selling sex and violence.
And eternal youth:
building erections,
eating each other alive,
red & blue & stringy.
We're rolling on the pavement
in the desert.
Who is rocking all of this?
There are too many of us.
And we're all a little scary.


Ofelia said...

Thank you for your response poem.

I wrote a response response poem. It is terrible. It is below:


I should make a YouTube video
Of your poem
And paste the YouTube video
On Madison's forehead
At the Shanty
Then play pool with
Computer progammers
While we play the YouTube Video
And Madison eats curly fries

amber said...

you are welcome. this sounds like fun. except for the "interminably" part. the shanty is good, though. and you tube. and curly fries.

MadisonGlass said...

I can't go to the shanty anymore, because I'm no longer allowed to drink. I'm no longer allowed to do anything. Maybe if I had a youtube video on my head people would pay attention to me. Maybe they just wouldn't. Or only for a while, and then I'd have a youtube video on my head that I couldn't see. And curly fries. I guess. Either way. No one takes me seriously.

amber said...

you could go to the shanty like millicent goes to the shanty. you could drink water and play pool. then while ofelia and i are getting sopping drunk and really bad at pool and distracted by the youtube video on your head and curly fries, you and millicent could take advantage of us and beat us mercilessly on the billiards table. then everyone would take you seriously because you'd appear scary good at pool.

but actually, lots of people take you seriously. and while a youtube video on your head would be cool for a time i would eventually miss your face.