Monday, April 9, 2007

I think I hate my Job.

It's really easy and I'm bored a lot. I spend most of my time reading other people's blogs. I have checked my email probably 20 times today and have not yet found a new message awaiting me. I am drinking pinapple juice & soda water which creates a refreshing pinapple soda. Yum. I am thinking about alice blue b/c I need to assemble my top twenty something submissions for our "editorial panel." This is a term I just made up. I am somewhat tired of discussing "important matters." I am afraid of global warming but do not think I am afraid to die. I haven't yet been faced with my own death. I get cranky in the morning. I do not like to sleep alone. I am moving to Boise in a few months. I am moving by myself. I am glad to get away from the idiots I work with. I will miss my parents and my friends and the boy who will be my ex-boyfriend. I went to a mexican restaraunt for Easter Brunch. I stopped being Catholic a long time ago. My stomach is still revolting from said Mexican Easter Brunch. I want to go on a trip. To another country or state. Somewhere I have never been before. I want to start riding a bicycle instead of driving or taking the bus. Riding a bicycle= nearly time efficient travel + exercise. I am making a point to eat more whole fruits and vegetables, less rice & pasta & less eating out. I am addicted to diet coke though. I don't know why. I can't give it up. I used to drink gin & tonics and very dirty gin martinis. I like things that are dirty. I don't like things that are too neat. Too clean. That seems to easy. Fake. I once listened to my coworkers talk in an elevator. They think cologne is really, really important. I think they're stupid. I think a lot of people are stupid. Sometimes I am stupid. Sometimes I am afraid of what people think of me b/c of how badly I think of so many other people. Perhaps if I were in Luxemberg people would seem less stupid. That's probably just because I wouldn't be able to "overhear" their conversations. And because Luxemberg is such a cool name. I like to talk and think about all things eighties, including blue eyeshadow and full-figured models. Blue eyeshadow should not make a comeback. Curvy models should. I would like to go home now. I will go for a run but what I really want to do is sleep or watch a movie that was made in the 80's. I want to see Vibes (thank you Mr. 1988). Or Transformers (the original, w/Orson Welles. Thank you Trae).

Thank you all, and Goodnight!

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MadisonGlass said...

Yeah. I hate my job too. But then I think, I have a job. And, I would probably be doing the same shit at home. And here I'm getting paid ten bucks an hour for it even if they are fucking me over on medical.

I didn't do so well with the greasy food and the booze and meds Saturday. I'm not suposed to drink at all on these meds so four drinks didn't go so well. I still don't feel so good. I keep doing it though.

My ability to focus is shot. I kind of hate everybody. I yell a lot. I'm trying to take it out on other drivers and spare loved ones. But there's just so much anger.

I'm going home.