Tuesday, April 23, 2013

See me reading online!

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Come see four poets from around the United States share their poetry and thoughts with one another. Poets include Amber Nelson, Gina Myers, Jared White, and Greg Bem. This reading will last an hour. The Youtube link to the live stream will be posted here roughly five minutes before the Hangout reading begins.


Greg Bem is the author of Black Hole Revisited, a digital chapbook of Twitter poems, available for free at gregbem.com. He lives in Seattle where he co-hosts the Five Alarms Greenwood Crawls, the Breadline performance series, and the Seattle Poetry Panels (with Amber Nelson).

Amber Nelson edits alice blue review and alice blue books. She has several chapbooks available. Her first book, In Anima: Urgency is forthcoming from Coconut Books.

Jared White is the author of two chapbooks: YELLOWCAKE, published by Cannibal Books in 2009, and THIS IS WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE LOVED BY ME, just published by Bloof Books this March. A third chapbook, MY FORMER POLITICS, is forthcoming from H-NGM-N Books. His poems and essays have appeared in Harp & Altar, Sink Review, We Are So Happy To Know Something, among many other publications. With his wife Farrah Field, Jared is the owner of a small press bookstore, Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop, co-curator of an event series, Yardmeter Editions, and parent of a baby, Roman Field White.

Gina Myers is the author of Hold It Down (Coconut Books, 2013) and A Model Year (Coconut Books, 2009). Originally from Saginaw, MI, she now lives in Atlanta, GA where she is an editor for Coconut Magazine, a staff writer for Frontier Psychiatrist, and the book review editor of H_NGM_N.


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