Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Wrote My First Yiddish Poem

Obviously I have only been taking yiddish a short while and my vocabulary is limited. And I can't make the hebrew alphabet on my computer. So... transliterated it is!


Iz doe lichtik in der friling

Iz doe lichtick en der friling. Es iz varem un lichtik. Ich loyf en der friling. Ich loyf en der zumer. Ich loyf tog un nacht. Ich loyf imer by barg un vald. Ich loyf en devkut un devekut krechts. Ich loyf fun fintster, yogt der lichtik, yogt friling un zumer. Ich loyf veit tsu davent en der lichtik. Ich loyf a gain haim.


There is light in the Spring.

There is light in the spring. It is warm and light. I run in the Spring. I run in the summer. I run day and night. I run always by hills and forest. I run in my unity with god, and my unity with god is caught in my throat. I run from the dark, chasing the light, chasing the Spring and Summer. I run far to pray in the light. I run to go home.

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