Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fish & Chips Tour: Pies & Pints

Fish: Eh. I mean, it wasn't gross or uber-fishy or clearly old. But it wasn't exactly spectacular either.

Batter: Double eh with a touch of too greasy.

: I started going to P&P for their sweet potato fries, but let me tell you, their standard fries are kinda gross. Straight from a bag, potato mush in the center, and blah blah blah. What a waste.

Tartar: I tried it. I remember thinking that it wasn't terrible. But I don't remember finding it particularly memorable.

and Slaw (if available): I actually liked their slaw. It was alright. But maybe that was only in comparison to the rest of it.


I guess you could say that I found it altogether unmemorable. But oh well, it is all about the Pies & Pints at Pies & Pints. Their savory pies are soooo good.

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