Sunday, May 2, 2010

late, but the last NapoWrimo Poem: a Translation of the Clarinet Concerto I: Allegro

Concerto for clarinet than I am. by me.
Rapidly Close

You influence and drip irrigation
This sing sing
Repeat until very
This song
Repeat until
affect your veins and Irrigation

He saw in this quick tip
Twitter ink that whispers tendrils
Saw this Quick Tip
Twitter ink whispers
Quick advice see
Whisper not ink

Sewing happiness in the wind and the field
This hill the field so that the sweep
Heaven on the invasion invasion
Away like a happy
sewing and wind energy

This section of the mountain, so scanning
Invasion Invasion of Paradise
Away, as happy
Happy sewing and wind
Part of the mountain, so Scan
Invasion invasion of Eden
Besides joy


O sing! O Love!

O sing! About Love!
O song! Information for love!

How I am one of the elevators
How to remove night as well

Or a storm in the room with the world's water
Flooding from all the sordid
Clement weather

Or the room with the water crisis in the world
Flooding from all the dirty
Clement weather
Although the room with the water crisis in the world
Floods and all uncleanness

Time Fever


Down to a low note
Below the lower note
Among lower

So slow
For a pause
So slowly

For particulate
You. It.

Such as the fingers in the ears
On the cheeks
Of passing
If your fingers to your ears

If your fingers in your ears

And take up arms and raising his eyes towards the top of each one is locked dripping a little corner of life in which each river inflation
And to take up arms, lifting her eyes in every corner of the small, locked drop of life, where the loss of the hand, eyes in every corner of a small imprisonment

To pay, for the treatment and payment, which quickly
Paying for treatment and payment, as soon

Sewing the world spinning to a new day
May the world into a new day
May the new day

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