Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the last of the mozart for now

Mass in D Minor Requiem -] Mouth Parts [:
Enter in March

vague heather burning heat
with a red seed.
Vogue physician heather clicks red with you.

Medical estimates redden you.
Until her heart in the room
sings pastoral.
Country song singing.

What is left. Leaves.

Leaves her heart, contralto.

And fire baritones
to inflame the throat
about longitude.

The pulse is the Bible.

We spin the dream, is to weave
on the ladder to heaven, saying "Please—
on the death dream, the grinder of weaving
learning colors and patterns of heaven in the "Please—
so the dream died, sander of textiles.
Color and style of learning the heaven of please.

And continued in their eyes
Such as voice,  
trolled silt.
Marsh Mama
controlled chords.

Oh, God
They said things.

Or here

Or here

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