Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poem 15

for Lisa Robertson

How does greatness happen?

Lis: Her
Lis: a circular enclosure with earthen wall.
Lis: Law.
Lisa: god is an oath, a vow

Rob: to steal from
Rob: juice from a fruit
obe: a village
robe: a long garment, to clothe, a room for apparel
ert: to incite, urge, encourage
son: a male child
son: a slow cuban dance
son: to conceive
sun: the brightest of the heavenly bodies
sun: to warm
sun: gives life
robertson: son of robert, bright and famous
robert: also robin, to steal from the rich, to give to the poor

god is a vow
bright, she shes,
she clothes urgency,
she conceives our village, her
vow is our village,
her bright warm earth
her law.
Poor, she gives us
her heavenly body.

She asks:
What shall I do with my senses?

We answer.
We listen.

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JR Walsh said...

Love this. Do it.