Thursday, March 18, 2010

Late on the Parade

I'm a little late to have discovered this, but one of the nicest things occurs over at HTML Giant (or rather occurred in January and I missed it). Thanks Mike Young! You are a gem.

Also meant to update this a while ago, but life, you know...

Went to the hot springs last weekend with a cadre of poet-types. It was so nice. Hot, hot puddles & a cool breeze, blue skies. This after the best gyro I've had in the states. Still can't find one that's anything like what I had in Greece (It'd be so nice to discover a gyro place that put french fries in their gyro.)

Either way, these things make the list of Boise good times.

Entry 13: Gyros from Bosnian Express.
Entry 14: Hot springs.

Sometimes, life can be so good.

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