Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanks Andrew, for praising the wonders of I.

Amber Nelson


A bell, a label, blameless as Abel, a rebel: same as a Norseman roams,Amber sneers as a rabble nears; as beers blear, as barrels release aleor remorse, Amber, a noble seer (less normal, more sane), blamesRomans, slams Nero--brambles as a mane, all robes, all manna, Amber resembles Moses' soror, bears a slab, babbles sermons, blesses morallabor or a meal on melons.

Amber seasons ballroom realms, seals men's amor; a rose, a bloom (anAnnabelle Lee on Lesbos, a reason males bemoan sore balls), Amberbores no nabob, nor lessens a boner--Amber's mammae are morsels borneon sable mares, Amber's ass smears a lemon aroma, Amber's nose easesalmas: Amber's mere arms are a moon's ransom.

Amber belabors no sameness, leans on no moron's manner, blares nosolemn lesson--nor snores one more salmon or morose barn: Amber'sannals are boas, balloons, sombreros, sensors, lenses; Amber sees messes, rambles on lobes or seams, smells a sober realness, leers atmanors--one morn, Nobel assessors name a name; all barbers, allsalesmen, all salons, all mobs assemble; all name Amber, all boom"Amen!"

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