Tuesday, July 10, 2007



MadisonGlass said...

Fuck that information. I want to sleep in my car. My beautiful white station wagon. My car is beautiful. I'm in love with her. Her name is Betty. She's taken me all over this fine nation of ours, housed me in the dead of winter, and compensated for my intoxication. At 127 thousand miles it still gives me 25 miles per gallon and extemely low emmisions. Good enough. I don't want kids anymore. Fuck you. Fuck everything. All I want is two dogs and a car. Everything else can go to hell.


amber said...

that's not very nice.

if i didn't have a place to live i think a car would be something to be eternally grateful for. cars probably produce less waste than a house or apartment. but since i live in an apartment in a city, and i'm going to live in a house in a city, i see no reason that carlessness wouldn't be better environmentally.

and you have nearly always lived near a city, but outside of it. which is different. for people who live in smaller towns with less access to public transportation a car is often the only reasonable way to get around.

and it's only because i'm so excited i'm trying to practice what i preach. which is environmental conciousness. with a car i often drive when i really don't need to, just out of laziness.

and i didn't need the fuck you.


ps, they made a plug in motorcycle that gets nearly 60mph. i want it. it's based out of oregon. it costs $11,000. they should make it more affordable

MadisonGlass said...

It was a general fuck you, not an Amber fuck you. And I lived in fucking Woodinville. It took me an hour to get to school even with a car. And I know what you're going to say. I didn't have to go to private school. Well I'm not going to keep apologizing for shit like that. I took a car/bus combo to school for a while, but it was taking me two hours, and I have to be there at seven, so. And right now I have to cross state lines to get to work, and there's no bus stop where I am in the industrial district. But this whole thing, about the cars. I'm really pissed about something else. My life is falling apart. And if someone's going to rip my life apart they might as well do it now and get it over with. Fuck EVERYTHING.

amber said...

perhaps you didn't read the part about my saying this is for city dwellers. a woodinville commute is a lot different than driving from greenwood into the city.

and we will talk later about this life falling apart thing. you know i love you.

Colleen said...

I've been getting along okay without a car in Middle-of-Nowhere, VT for the last two years...but only because we've had some very mild winters, and benevolent friends willing to lend us a car to do laundry. If it wasn't for global warming, I probably would have froze to death while hiking to the grocery store.