Tuesday, March 27, 2007

case sensitive

When I still lived in Oly I went to this hippy-dippy bookstore ran by some people I sort of "knew" for a poetry reading, which was probably the worst poetry reading I have ever attended, where the reader blathered on and on about this "salt-lick" her fellow reader had given her and then continued to take breaks from reading her horrendously bad, cliched poetry to lick said "salt-lick" and then pass said "salt-lick" to her fellow reader who took his turn licking said "salt-lick."

All of this to say I'm reading Kate Greenstreet's case sensitive which is a very beautiful book and has an entire section about salt. You can see a picture of a salt shaker on her blog at this very moment.

However, having recently seen Kate read and now reading the book really impresses upon me how much the reading of a work can change it. The book is still lovely but I keep wanting to read it in Kate's very distinctive voice. Her voice is gravelly, like Janis Joplin, but quiet, quieter. And when she readers her poem she reads them casually, like telling you about her trip to the grocery store, but insistent in a way that makes you know you'll miss something if you tune out for a second. She was, without any sense of melodrama, completely captivating. If I could model my reading style off of anybody it would be Kate Greenstreet. I keep trying to superimpose her voice onto the text while I'm reading but I can't. I get distracted. It keeps floating away.

In other news, see Leonard's facial double Here


MadisonGlass said...

Yeah. We should have gone and seen her.

That guy could be leonard's clone though. That's creepy.

amber said...

I know. Tell me about it. I actually found him in some stupid magazine at work somebody else was reading. I saw it over their shoulder and made them go back. IThe picture in the magazine was even more a likeness. looked and looked and the only discernible difference was the hair (Leonard's being crazy and this guy has none). I kept meaning to scan it into a computer to email to Leonard. I bet he'd think it was hilarious.